The Other Kind of Messes

Sometimes there are messes that reside in the long procrastinated to-do list in our minds. We seem to never find a way to get to these things but we think of them at least once every day. Here's an example of mine:

  1. Write a letter to the woman whose teenage son lets their dog drop his business inside our building. Have other angry neighbors sign it.
  2. Cancel my grandmother's cell phone. She rarely uses it and we have such a tight budget these days.
  3. Cancel my mother's cell phone. Again, a tight budget and I'm sure she and my dad can afford a phone now since he has had a very good job since last year.
  4. Write to the management company of our building about how dirty and smelly the inside of our elevator is and mention the neighbors who let their dog defecate in the building and don't pick up after.
  5. Sew my son an "Indian skirt". See my other blog, about my little boy who loves to wear dresses.

You get the idea. These have been gathering dust on my to-do app and occasionally jumping wildly about in my consciousness when I nearly step in dog poop in my apartment building hallway.

Sometimes I will do physical cleaning and de-cluttering in order to avoid the mess in my mind. It's a curious habit because I am normally such a go getter when it comes to getting things done and solving problems. But I think the to-do items that never seem to get done are loaded with some emotions I am not ready to deal with and they cause my thought processes to drag.

As of this moment, I will clean up the mess I can't see. I will call my mom and grandmother and I will write that dog poop letter.

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