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When Your Home is in Danger of Losing You, Part 1

Today I’d like to share a story about my home in New York City. I love where I live. I’ve worked hard to customize it to my use on a very limited budget and I'm happy. There are a few unpleasant things related to the building, how poorly it has been maintained, the quality of some of the neighbors and the uncleanliness of the streets. But hey, that’s a typical rant in many part of New York City.

What Hotel Rooms Can Teach Us

When I talk with clients about their dream space (their ideal home or work set up) 70% of the time I hear a variation on this: When I’m on vacation and I first get to my hotel room, I sigh with relief at the sight of the room. I want that feeling in my own home. I want that that feeling when I sit down at my desk to work.

Organizing Books: Helpful or Not?

Like the author, Jessica Lamb Shapiro, who wrote the recently released book Promised Land about her delve into the self help literature, I also spent some time immersed in self help books in my 20's. I have to say many of the self improvement books of the mid to late 90's had intoxicating titles. They seemed to hold so much... well, promise.

Talking Tame Space at Word Up Community Bookstore

On March 15, I had my very first workshop in a local community bookstore three blocks from my apartment. It was so gratifying an experience that I was walking on air for 48 hours. As a person who has always felt more comfortable behind the scenes, being on a tiny platform with 15 people listening to me talk about the too much stuff problem was... well let's just say it was both really hard and really worth it.

The Good And The Bad Of Work I Love

I was talking with a friend recently and she was sharing that she was tired of her job and ready for another kind of work. Later that night, it occurred to me that I hadn't asked myself that since the start of my business two years ago. Back then, I thought this work would be a natural fit, but whether I'd get tired of it remained to be seen.