The Pile: the unavoidable elephant in the room.

Organization in Three Areas  


All spaces including kitchens, closets, storage units, children's rooms, artist space.


Desk, filing, long term storage, inventory management, workflow and efficiency.


Assistance in organizing home and office moves, deep purging, estate sales, set up of home for disabled or elderly.

Ways I can help

  • Curating your own kid's artwork: Whittling it down to manageable levels and learning how to keep the best.
  • Photo archiving - digital or film.
  • Organizing medical paperwork and making sure you get the credits and reimbursements you're entitled to according to your plan.
  • The person who has just started their own business and suddenly has surplus inventory and pounds of paperwork to find homes for in a small apartment.
  • Resets for your home or work space that clear the room for better productivity and happy living.
  • Setting goals to achieve and maintain a serene space on your own. Periodic online consulting available.

We can use what you have or if you have a small budget, I can help you outfit your space with organizational equipment. My goal is to help you simplify your rooms, become efficient, save you time and find space in your home or office you didn't know you had. 

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