When I see inspiring things, I literally stand up.

On inspiration

Tame Space is about making room for how you want things to function every single day. 

This work requires inspiration. But not the kind you may think. 

What is inspiring to me?

While I love  good home design  in a magazine or website, inspiration for me doesn't come from interior design trends.

It's in the homes of real people whose values can be seen in how they live.

The result of a life lived at full potential is an inspiring space. 

The work stations of workers around the world today and through out history are inspiring work spaces. It's in the wisdom of architecture, the subtle appeal of typography, the exposed beams of the industrial revolution and the brevity of the perfect sentence.

I study our media and see patterns in art, social criticism, design, politics, academia and popular culture around the world and pluck out evidence that speaks to a collective recognition (and a cry for help) about the too much stuff problem.

So if you happen to wonder why I blog about the way a bartender sets up his work station for the evening rush, art that examines our relationships to objects, photography that pokes fun at our material obsessions, or homes that have never seen an interior designer's deft hand, you'll understand where I'm coming from.

I hope it's inspiring and informative to you as well.