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In Defense of Ridiculously High Standards

Just a short note about fighting the good fight against the kid's mess in our home (sticker covered, grease spots on the couch, mangy walled, tattered furniture, trail of crumbs in every hallway, parents around the world, you feel me?). Aim high. Aim for clean floors and clear counters smudge and free light switch plates. Clorox commercial clean. Yes, I'm serious.

A Writer's Room in T Magazine

I happened across this article a few weeks ago. A photo essay by John Spinks of six established writers in their work spaces. Blurry-eyed and tired but still browsing the New York Times app on my phone when I should have sleeping. Then my eyes popped open because these photographs remind me of one of my favorite books of all time, Jill Krementz's photos of writer's at their desks, called The Writer's Desk.