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In Defense of Ridiculously High Standards

Just a short note about fighting the good fight against the kid's mess in our home (sticker covered, grease spots on the couch, mangy walled, tattered furniture, trail of crumbs in every hallway, parents around the world, you feel me?). Aim high. Aim for clean floors and clear counters smudge and free light switch plates. Clorox commercial clean. Yes, I'm serious.

The Trillion Tote Bag Problem

How did we get this way? The-too-much-stuff problem. The clutter problem. The trillion tote bag problem. The six pairs of jeans and only one fits problem. The every family member over the age of 60 living in various stages of hoarding problem. The wasted food problem.

For a year I was the book buyer for the interior design section of an evil super-sized bookstore on the upper east side of Manhattan. The buyers at the home office figured this store should have this special section for students of the New York Interior Design School situated near by.

What motivates you to make change? Seeing an achievable goal is what does it for me. I spend ten minutes looking at Design Sponge or a House Tour on Apartment Therapy and suddenly I am looking around wondering how I can make something in my home look like a corner of a featured home.