Losing My Favorite Yellow Hat

It might not seem likely that a person who claims to be highly organized and naturally fastidious would lose something they treasure, like a favorite yellow hat. After all, this person would likely have:

  • Hooks by the door. Check.
  • Habits upon arriving and leaving that involve putting things where they belong in the entry way. Check.
  • Containers that hold all their winter accessories in one place so they are easy to locate. Check.

I have all these things in place and I still lost my favorite, slightly pricey, irreplaceable wool hat. What can I say? I am a serial hat loser. I have photographs of past winters wearing many fetching hats that I no longer possess because I lost them despite hooks, habits and that damn natural fastidiousness.

I looked in all the places it should be and cannot find it. I was in a foul mood the entire morning. The bad thing about being organized is that when you lose something it doesn't take long to figure out it's really really lost. There were only three places that hat could be and it wasn't it any of them.

This means someone is wearing my hat, my hat is in a lost and found, it is crushed and dirty in a street gutter or is in the trash can somewhere in NYC.

The point of this post is only to say: I miss my hat. And, no matter how splendidly organized you are, you will still lose things.

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