Being Organized, The Short Guide

I mean it, this is the shortest guide in existence. As far as I know. These are the tenets boiled down from all of the books I've read, my own experiences and observations of others.

    • Imagine what you want your surroundings to look like and function.
    • Buy only what you will use.
    • Keep what you use close to where you use it.
    • Use and enjoy what you have.
    • Give away what you do not use or use infrequently.
    • Do this every day.

    All of them are tasks we habituate. Once they are habit they no longer feel like chores. At least, not as terrible chores we never want to do, but as simple acts that contribute to your everyday quality of life.

    So why are there so many folks out there promoting their own systems in books and magazines? Because there are so many of us who need a guiding hand, a certain kind of coaxing, ways of remembering how to do it and when. It's reassuring they exist.

    However, does someone who is habitually dis-organized have the time and energy to read through these books and find one that works? Maybe not. So for those who'd like the abbreviated version, something to think about for a time and slowly incorporate into their routine, my short guide cuts to the chase.

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