What Does it Mean to be Organized?

Every single person who needs help organizing their home or work space already has a system in place.

Then life happens: a demanding job, hectic social life, new hobbies, home renovations, creative endeavors, graduate school, growing a family, cohabiting, moving, divorce, death of loved ones.

Quite suddenly you realize the system you had before doesn't fit. Disorder and frustration become everyday experiences.

The remedy lies in taming the spaces where you live and work. Then you make room for good things to happen.

That's where I come in.

Ultimately, being organized is defined by the individual and does not always mean your home or office will resemble a zen monastery. It means you can find what you need with minimum hassle, you move with ease in your home and your eyes take in the things you love. It means there isn't a room you don't want to be in or a closet you hesitate to open. It means papers and information easily found when you are pressed for time. It means you use what you have.

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