Often the stuff we have gets in the way of what we love.

I am not your typical professional organizer

For me, creating the perfect space is not about containment. 

Tame Space is about intention. A path towards creating an environment that fits the habits of the people who live or work there. My role is to help you design an environment that fits you and your values. Not mine. Not Martha Stewart's. Not Apartment Therapy's. And not whatever is trending in home design.

I'm not here to advocate a particular lifestyle movement (voluntary simplicity, downshifting, minimalism, etc.) or objects you need to buy at IKEA or The Container Store. While I'm found of these movements and products, they're not enough motivation for many people to change.

My role is to listen to you and to help you translate your ideas into physical changes to your home or office space. We will look at the way you currently use the spaces you occupy. If you find yourself unhappy when you look around your home or work space you have probably adapted to the things you dislike. When we are overwhelmed, we don't have a clear vision of how to change things.

You are not about your stuff. Neither am I. Tame Space is about the life you want to live and how to get there. Once you determine that, your home or work space will fall into place. Once this happens, you will be able to manifest whatever you want to accomplish in your life.

I can provide the woman power, the philosophy, the science and the ideas and motivation to organize your spaces.

And you can feel good about unloading your unwanted things, because somewhere in this great city, someone would be glad to have it.

About Me


The average American moves 11.8 times in a lifetime. 

My name is Rascher Marie Alcasid and I've moved 32 times. (Granted, I'm a New Yorker, we move a lot.) I've lived in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York.  I've got moving in and setting up shop down to a science. I always say I've acquired skills that only the ancient Bedouin have when it comes to moving from place to place. And the truth is, I kind of love moving. 

Before I started this business, I read every available book on organizing (that was available at the NYPL, a formidable collection) but I didn't think any of them had just what I wanted to share with people. Most disturbing to me is that many of the books, television shows and online websites have skimpy, vague suggestions for the unloading of excess stuff. Their idea is to just toss bags and bags of things to the curb or a large dumpster.

 My dream is to write the book that would inspire anyone in any kind of situation to create the living and work space that fully supports who they are and the life they want to live. We all have a unique vision of what kind of space would be best for us but for some, it's difficult to translate into reality. You can be anywhere on the style spectrum from utilitarian to high brow elegance but it's impossible to express it without thoughtful whittling of too much stuff.

Please contact me at info [at] tamespace.com with questions or to schedule a consultation. 

Incidentally, if you hire me, you are inviting a gal with a lifelong love of interior design, a sometime love of tea cozies, and a longing for moleskin notebooks in every shade. I'm an armchair expert in material culture and science. In another life I would have been a doctor or a carpenter. Or both. I'm also a damn good cook.