Making Your Environment a Tame Space is Essential

Tame Space is a mindset that celebrates

  • Creativity and inspiration 
  • DIY spirit
  • Having only what you use and using what you have
  • Surrounding yourself with the things you love instead of storing them away
  • Recycling and repurposing


The average American moves 11.8 times in a lifetime.

My name is Rascher Marie Alcasid. I've moved 31 times and I am 40 years old. (Granted, I am a New Yorker, we move a lot, but still.) I've lived in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York. I've got moving in and setting up shop down to a science. I imagine I have acquired skills that only Bedouin people have when it comes to moving from place to place.

My professional experience: My corporate jobs have always been in the project coordinator, office managing and auditing realm. I always flourished in these roles and, more importantly, enjoyed them. My goal in any office environment: maximum efficiency that relies on a well designed work space. Ten years of that world.

My education and life as a writer intersect - I do a great deal of thinking on human behavior. Of course, it is endlessly fascinating so I also have a degree in psychology. I also know a great deal about what motivates people to hang on to stuff and how they may be coaxed into letting the superflous go. I am also the rare organizer who does NOT think books are clutter.

I am the mother of two (outrageously cute) boys, ages 6 and 3. They are my undoing in almost every way. I had no idea, before I had kids, how children can quickly destroy order and render all efforts to be organized moot. No one told me how it would be. Despite this, I'm like any other mother tempering a private (and sometimes not so private) sea of complaints with a full recognition of all the other ways in which life with with my boys is a very happy place.

Please contact me at info [at] with questions or to schedule a consultation.

Incidentally, if you hire me, you are inviting a gal with a lifelong love of interior design, a sometime love of tea cozies, a longing for moleskins notebooks in every shade and a shameful addiction to Tetris and iphone Scrabble into your home. In another life I would be a doctor or a carpenter. I'm also a damn good cook. Ask anyone.

Art work by Marta Blair